My latest role may be my favorite to date!  I play ‘The Exorcist’, Father Bowdern, in a recreation of the original Exorcism that the incredible movie ‘The Exorcist’ was based on. Have a look here… It was an excellent acting challenge and I’ve been told the results are worth it!  Viewable in Canada on iTunes now ( and in the USA on ReelsZ network soon..

Acting Reel

Film & Television Acting

The Shocking Truth 2017 – The Excorcist: Actor: ‘Father Bowdern’ Dir. Geordie Day, Pyramid Productions
Riley Oakes – 2015 Actor: ‘Mr. Green, Teacher’ Dir. Ron Devitt, Quirkgirl Productions Inc.
Diablo – 2015 Feature Stand In Dir. Lawrence Roeck, Diablo Movie
The Great Fear – 2015 Actor: ‘Rebel Leader’ Dir. Iain Laird
SomeWhen – 2015 Lead: ‘Matt Wilson, Time Traveller’ Dir, Neil Enock (Creator), iTinkr Studios
Dark Winter’s Night – 2014 Principal: ‘Sherriff Williams’ Dir. Erid Durnford, SAIT
Forsaken- 2015 ‘The Blacksmith’ Dir. Jon Cassar, Panacea Entertainment
Hell on Wheels Season 3 – 2013 Photo Double for Anson Mount AMC, Nomadic Pictures
The Klondike Mini-Series – 2013 ‘The Photographer’ Dir. Simon Cellan Jones, Discovery Ch.
iTunes Podcast: ‘TrainTalk.TV’ – 2010 to Current: Creator, Producer, Host (1.5 million+ Viewers)


Stage Acting:

The Vizard Show – Feb. 2017 Performer: ‘Creator Wizard’ Dir. Olga Sem, Galina Busova


My Agent:

Tracy Walaschuk
Dark Horse Talent Management