Whether it’s a bridge for a 29th century starship, a time machine or a reverse model, I like to tinker. The Wrist-Rack is a new product from an old idea I had when smart phones were first introduced.



When we needed a time machine for SomeWhen, well,  we built one, Time traveling coat from the future?  A little trickier!  How about a wrist controller for the time machine.  Ok all Done.



I got asked to help build the Bridge fixtures for a 29th century Starship. (In a week or so). That was fun. (Wish I’d had a replicator)!



Then, I started writing this story where I wanted to show some people inside a model train station and had to build it in reverse HO scale 87:1.  That was a blast!


Stay Tuned – there’s lots more to follow…   😉