Cavanaugh Interstellar, Episode 7: The Rescuers


“Mayor Nenshi nodded to Shai’Hara-Lee. “Can I get a selfie with you?”…”

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The floor of the arrivals bay shimmered and vanished, seemingly leaving nothing between the ship and the Bow tower below it. Vlad and I lunged for the sanctions in the wall.

Shai’Hara-Lee chuckled at our reaction.

It was the same transparent floor we’d seen on the bridge. Completely solid yet completely invisible.

“How do you know when floor is there?” Vlad asked, as we resigned ourselves to the non-floor.

I changed the subject. “How exactly are we going…

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Cavanaugh Interstellar, Episode 6: Hold Please

“Now… I am Vlad the Impaled!…”

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The view through the floor shimmered as the shield activated around the rest of the ship, then became partially blocked by Jordrye’s limp form collapsing onto it. For a moment I was worried he’d been hit by the stuff that came through the ceiling, but before I voiced my concern, Aurelana allayed it.

“Jordyre has fainted.” She must have been monitoring him.

She added. “The shield will prevent further damage.”

Hmm, maybe she was monitoring me too.


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Cavanaugh Interstellar, Episode 5: Too Soon


“What do you mean ‘if this were a REAL First Contact situation’?…”

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The door slid open and Shai’Hara-Lee led us onto the bridge of the Aurelana. At least she tried to. I was blocking the door, looking down through where one might hope a floor would be as smoke billowed from the broken office tower below. She cocked her head and then realization dawned. “It can be made to seem transparent,” she said, comfortably standing there on nothing at all. “Much more efficient than picking…

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Cavanaugh Interstellar, Episode 4: First Contact


“We get a Space Ship!?…”


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There was no time to react. The smaller ship left the main craft, angled itself towards them, something at the front end glowed blue, and it was hovering above them hovering. Instantly.

“What the…” I started to say, then stopped. A panel slid open in the bottom of the small ship.

I had not completed closing my mouth when she appeared in front of us.

I learned something new in that moment. When…

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Cavanaugh Interstellar, Episode 3: Visited

“The thin, kilometer-long ship hanging silently in midair above the city was just too much of a distraction…”


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Dust and debris rained down again as the vibrations from the second massive boom shook the remains of the garage.  Joel half ducked under  a table but kept his ear cocked to the sky.

“That one sounded much bigger.” He said. “But not as close.”

“Hopefully not as destructive,” I said grimly. “Are you hurt?”

“I’ll have a…

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Cavanaugh Interstellar, Episode 2: Dispatched

“…it seems the locals call it ‘Earth’.”

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The viewscreens on the bridge of the Aurelana echoed the screens ringing the giant Command center of the moon-sized complex that the ship was tethered to. Instructor Jordrye paced slowly across the bridge as Galaxy after Galaxy flickered across the screens behind him.

“Like all other Axis stations, the control center here at Axis 7 monitors events throughout the Universe. When an unregistered event is encountered, the closest Axis station to the event is put on alert and…

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Cavanaugh Interstellar – Season One

Cavanaugh Trucking Interstellar – Season One

Unemployment never had such far-reaching consquences! 5 laid off oil-patch scientists start a trucking company to make ends meet, then get back to science in their spare time. But when one of their experiments goes rather wrong, it attracts interstellar attention!

This is a story that’s been stuck in my head for a bit and I recently realized that in order to get on with the other book that I’ve been trying to write, I was going to have to get this story out of the way first.

I will be releasing the raw…

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Why I Don’t ‘Celebrate’ New Years.

Some people use their birthdays to mark the passage of time and events and some use accountants to ‘keep score’ for them on some arbitrary date called ‘Year End’. I prefer to use New Years as my marker to reflect on the things that have transpired and the plans of things yet to come.

I’m selfish, I guess, ’cause I don’t want to reflect on world or political events… there’s not much I can, (or could have), done about those anyway. New Years is MY time to reflect on what I CAN…

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Yet another early review of MAYAN – Atlantis Returns!


“Neil Enock has done a great job of creating a great novel with great characters who manage not to become larger than life. This reminds me of the way J.K. Rowling handled her human characters in the Harry Potter series.”

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Launch and Signing Events  or  Get the Book

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite  Rating: 5-Stars.

I’m really not surprised that I like a book titled Mayan: Atlantis Returns. Only bad writing and a terrible plot could spoil a book about the return of Atlantis…

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More Early Praise for MAYAN – Atlantis Returns!

5starstickersHere is the next early review of MAYAN!  Want to read them all?  Click here!

“Neil’s story telling has a way of ending many chapters that is sure to put a smile on your face as you turn the page.  Mayan, Atlantis Returns is a fantastic adventure that you won’t want to put down. I’m biting my nails for the next installment. Wow! Awesome!”

Launch and Signing Events  or  Get the Book

Reviewed By Stephen Fisher for Readers’ Favorite  Rating: 5-Stars.
Mayan: Atlantis Returns by Neil Enock is a marvelously written science fiction…

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