Mayan… Emerges from Under the Ruins of Tulum

While on holiday in Mexico, a fantastic tale of the Mayan civilization and the lost city of Atlantis popped into my head.

Exactly one year later, my family and I visit the Mayan ruins in Tulum. After a thorough tour, I have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, so we leave the tour and find a deserted spot to rest…

A Note – The video itself is exactly as it was recorded, completely by chance, in Tulum.


Now, if I was to continue the tale as it was supposed to be told…

So we toured…

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First, A Quick Trip Back In Time

From the ‘Designing Atlantis’ Blog…


The story sat occupying space on my shelf and in my brain until the next year, I was busy with my other businesses and doing quite a bit more work on the AMC show ‘Hell on Wheels’.

I was learning a ton about how film and television productions were made and was using that experience to to think about how my story could be made…

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Designing Atlantis


The book is called Mayan and it will be the first book in the Millennia series.  The blog, detailing how this epic tale is coming to life is quite aptly named Designing Atlantis.

The story has been brewing for more than 6000 years. You’ll just have to be patient a little bit longer…

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Doc Christmas Shows Up On TV!

TOTO 30 sec ver 2 from LnCStyle on Vimeo.

Well, it is defintely not a feature, but when Luis asked me to work on a commercial he was shooting, I was supposed to be reading a magazine.  Since the magazine had been left behind, He let me carry the proof copy of Doc Christmas for the commercial.  Go ahead, watch the whole 30 seconds… it’s cute!

 Airing Sunday Mornings at 10:00 on CTV during the Pete the Plumber…

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Doc Christmas Launch Weekend Hailed a Success

 An incredible turn out at the launch party on Saturday was followed by the selling out of the first shipment to the Indigo Signal Hill Store the next day. (Don’t worry, we’ve restocked them!)

 The best thing about the launch party was the number of kids that came out with their parents. Since the books arrived a bit early, some of them have had reading the book on their own and some have been reading…

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Doc Christmas Launch Party


We’re having a little get together to celebrate the release of my new novel Doc Christmas. This screenplay-turned-book will be arriving this week and will be available at the launch party, the next day at the signing at Indigo Signal Hill, with other places coming online thereafer. Check the website for a location near you. 

I’ve asked several other ‘film folk’ to bring along their titles as well, or at least be ready to talk about them. Seems there’s a few writers amoungst this creative group!

There is no admission, but…

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The Truck Is Loaded and on the Move!


I got the news tonight that the first batch of books is loaded in the truck and will be on the road from Manitoba tomorrow.

The Postcards and Buttons have already arrived. Posters, Rack Cards and a few more goodies will be here next week.

I will be filling out of town pre-orders on the 8th or 9th when the books arrive.  Calgary preorders will be filled or can be picked up at the launch party on the 10th.

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