MAYAN, Atlantis Returns


Book 1 of The Millennia Series

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More that 5,000 years after they began planning for their voyage, the Mayan & Minoan ship Atlantis returns to recolonize the world, after skipping ‘the end’ in 2012. There’s just one small problem…
… we’re still here!

An Amatuer archeologist’s outlandish theory of a Mayan exodus is spectacularly proven correct by the return of the 6-kilometer wide city/ship Atlantis. Working with his teenage daughter, they try to  understand the sophisticated Mayan and Minoan cultures on  board the giant ship, and help them to understand our world. When Atlantis is revealed to the world it attracts the attention of  the elitist Phoenix group, whose offer to help turns out to be less than genuine.

Will Atlantis’ 5 millennia journey be brought to an abrupt end?
Can the past and the present be united to save the future?


MAYAN – Atlantis Returns has received 4 5-star reviews! (Details Soon).


ISBN 978-1-988108-01-8 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-988108-03-2 (electronic)

Softcover: 431 pages, Publisher: iTinkr Studios (October 10, 2015)

Language: English

CIP: PS8609.N667M39 2016          C813′.6         C2016-905624-4

Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.1 inches, Shipping Weight: 17 ounces

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Early praise for Mayan, Atlantis Returns…

“Neil’s story telling has a way of ending many chapters that is sure to put a smile on your face as you turn the page. Mayan, Atlantis Returns is a fantastic adventure that you won’t want to put down. I’m biting my nails for the next installment. Wow! Awesome!” -Stephen Fisher for Reader’s Favorite

“Mayan is an astonishing history lesson embedded in asatisfying thriller worthy of James Rollins or Spielberg” – Patrick Nichol,

“Neil Enock has done a great job of creating a great novel with great characters who manage not to become larger than life. This reminds me of the way J.K. Rowling handled her human characters in the Harry Potter series.” -Ray Simmons for Reader’s Favorite

“I love this story. I could actually see it playing out in my head. You did a ton of research. Makes you think!” – Sarah Burrows,

“Promisingly evident in the first couple of chapters, this author doesn’t hold anything back. He wants readers to dive head first into this book and he keeps them submerged until the very end. He has created a fictional Atlantis in full.” -Benjamin Ookami for Reader’s Favorite

 “Myth becomes legend, legend becomes reality. A truly epic tale that will have you reflecting on our society.” – Allan Stickel, Screen Actor and Avid Reader.

“Neil Enock creates a cast of well-developed, interesting characters to guide the reader through an entertaining story of discovery and reflection. Anyone loving Atlantean mythology, or seeking some insight into the ancient races or civilisations past will find the delicious morsels woven into the tale enjoyable, and could even inspire further research into these fields. A page-turning insightful tale intended to inspire.” -K.J. Simmill for Reader’s Favorite

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