Cavanaugh Interstellar, Episode 2: Dispatched

“…it seems the locals call it ‘Earth’.”

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The viewscreens on the bridge of the Aurelana echoed the screens ringing the giant Command center of the the moon-sized complex it was tethered to. Instructor Jordrye paced slowly across the bridge as Galaxy after Galaxy flickered on the screens behind him.

“Like all other Axis stations, the control center here at Axis 7 monitors events throughout the Universe. When an unregistered event is encountered, the closest Axis station to the event is put on alert and a…

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Cavanaugh Interstellar – Season One

Cavanaugh Trucking Interstellar – Season One

Unemployment never had such far-reaching consquences! 5 laid off oil-patch scientists start a trucking company to make ends meet, then get back to science in their spare time. But when one of their experiments goes rather wrong, it attracts interstellar attention!

This is a story that’s been stuck in my head for a bit and I recently realized that in order to get on with the other book that I’ve been trying to write, I was going to have to get this story out of the way first.

I will be releasing the raw…

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Yet another early review of MAYAN – Atlantis Returns!


“Neil Enock has done a great job of creating a great novel with great characters who manage not to become larger than life. This reminds me of the way J.K. Rowling handled her human characters in the Harry Potter series.”

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Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite  Rating: 5-Stars.

I’m really not surprised that I like a book titled Mayan: Atlantis Returns. Only bad writing and a terrible plot could spoil a book about the return of Atlantis…

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More Early Praise for MAYAN – Atlantis Returns!

5starstickersHere is the next early review of MAYAN!  Want to read them all?  Click here!

“Neil’s story telling has a way of ending many chapters that is sure to put a smile on your face as you turn the page.  Mayan, Atlantis Returns is a fantastic adventure that you won’t want to put down. I’m biting my nails for the next installment. Wow! Awesome!”

Launch and Signing Events  or  Get the Book

Reviewed By Stephen Fisher for Readers’ Favorite  Rating: 5-Stars.
Mayan: Atlantis Returns by Neil Enock is a marvelously written science fiction…

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Early Praise for MAYAN – Atlantis Returns!

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-33-27-pmThe early reviews of MAYAN have started.  I’ll post one a day until the launch!

Launch and Signing Events  or  Get the Book

Reviewed By Benjamin Ookami for Readers’ Favorite  Rating: 5-Stars.
“Neil Enock’s Mayan: Atlantis Returns (The Millennium Series Book 1) has a wonderful gift here for the mythological scavenger who is more than intrigued about Atlantis. The year is 2025; the world has not ended in 2012. A plane crashes. The survivors are rescued and taken to an island that should in no way be real. This island is Atlantis and…

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A Vision of Atlantis Comes to Life!

This week’s post on Designing Atlantis!

Still in Tulum and back at the hotel, we continued to do all the usual things people do at an all-inclusive resort. Pool time, activities, lots of eating! And then after the ‘show’, or perhaps it was during a show, I bumped into this fellow using spray paint to depict the Mayan ruins. Like others we had seen, he had the usual display of his wares around him, what caught my eye was some of the original works that he had on display, alongside the ‘usual’ Chichen Itza in the moonlight paintings….

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Mayan… Emerges from Under the Ruins of Tulum

While on holiday in Mexico, a fantastic tale of the Mayan civilization and the lost city of Atlantis popped into my head.

Exactly one year later, my family and I visit the Mayan ruins in Tulum. After a thorough tour, I have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, so we leave the tour and find a deserted spot to rest…

A Note – The video itself is exactly as it was recorded, completely by chance, in Tulum.


Now, if I was to continue the tale as it was supposed to be told…

So we toured…

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First, A Quick Trip Back In Time

From the ‘Designing Atlantis’ Blog…


The story sat occupying space on my shelf and in my brain until the next year, I was busy with my other businesses and doing quite a bit more work on the AMC show ‘Hell on Wheels’.

I was learning a ton about how film and television productions were made and was using that experience to to think about how my story could be made…

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Designing Atlantis


The book is called Mayan and it will be the first book in the Millennia series.  The blog, detailing how this epic tale is coming to life is quite aptly named Designing Atlantis.

The story has been brewing for more than 6000 years. You’ll just have to be patient a little bit longer…

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