Why I Don’t ‘Celebrate’ New Years.

Some people use their birthdays to mark the passage of time and events and some use accountants to ‘keep score’ for them on some arbitrary date called ‘Year End’. I prefer to use New Years as my marker to reflect on the things that have transpired and the plans of things yet to come.

I’m selfish, I guess, ’cause I don’t want to reflect on world or political events… there’s not much I can, (or could have), done about those anyway. New Years is MY time to reflect on what I CAN…

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Contemplating Mayhem: A Tour of Calgary’s New Film Studio

Ron Devitt, Wayne Bradford, Gerrick Winston, Neil Enock

I was fortunate indeed to find myself on a tour of Calgary’s new Film Studio yesterday, with Ron Devitt, Wayne Bradford, Gerrick Winston & Neil Enock.

IMG_8371Studio boss Erin O’Connor showed a stalwart group of local Independent filmmakers through the facility and Sean from William White also gave us a run-down on their new digs.

(Proper tours are being planned – stay tuned, I’ll pass it on when they are available)



The Studios

Calgary’s new digs are impressive, and are already in…

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Happy Canada Day & Independence Day: A Gift


Canada Day is July 1st, and US Independence Day is July 4.

I snapped this picture of the fireworks from my deck on July 1st. A tremendous display and a lucky shot have caused a few people ask if they can use the image as their desktop picture.

I see so many possibilities in this shot. I see it as the cover of a book or the poster for a movie, or perhaps simply reflecting on the awesome power of one thing to become the Vizard of another.

Anyway, I hope you like it…

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