Cavanaugh Interstellar – Season One

First sketch of cover art

Cavanaugh Trucking Interstellar – Season One

Unemployment never had such far-reaching consquences! 5 laid off oil-patch scientists start a trucking company to make ends meet, then get back to science in their spare time. But when one of their experiments goes rather wrong, it attracts interstellar attention!

This is a story that’s been stuck in my head for a bit and I recently realized that in order to get on with the other book that I’ve been trying to write, I was going to have to get this story out of the way first.

I will be releasing the raw (unedited and unrevised) episodes here on my blog on a weekly basis until the season is done. Readers are welcome to comment and make suggestions, etc.  When the season ends, all but the first few episodes will be removed from the website and the whole season will be published in a novella.

Hint: The absolute best way to see if there is a new episode available, is to subscribe to my newsletter!  Enjoy!