Why I Don’t ‘Celebrate’ New Years.

Some people use their birthdays to mark the passage of time and events and some use accountants to ‘keep score’ for them on some arbitrary date called ‘Year End’. I prefer to use New Years as my marker to reflect on the things that have transpired and the plans of things yet to come.

I’m selfish, I guess, ’cause I don’t want to reflect on world or political events… there’s not much I can, (or could have), done about those anyway. New Years is MY time to reflect on what I CAN and DID do, for and with my family and friends, and what I may soon accomplish, alongside these wonderful people.

In reality 2016 has been a lot like every other year. Some good things happened, some bad things happened. I met some goals, I missed some goals, I tried to be a good friend and occasionally didn’t measure up. I did my best to rise above the financial challenges that the world presented me with and I was able to handle some of them, and may have survived the rest. We’ll see.

I completed a new book this year and became a best selling author. Some good friends became great friends, some friendships were tested and seem to have survived. I was able to donate more to help others than I ever have before, but I was not able to complete filming on my projects.

There’s a million things, but I feel okay about 2016 – I did my best. If I let you down on something, well I hope next year that I can do better.

So, what does next year hold? Well – I do like to plan, but I don’t get crazy. So here’s a few things that I will get done and that I want to get done. Some, however, will still require the secret sauce!

2017 will be my television acting debut on the Premiere episode of ‘The Shocking Truth – The Exorcist’. I haven’t seem it, but it is supposed to screen in the next month or so – hope it’s OK! I will get out at least one new book, but truthfully I’m trying for two!

I will make every effort to complete filming of ‘The Service’ this year – most of the mental roadblocks are gone. I also have some projects that I ‘owe’ people and have set up an editing environment that should enable me to complete these. (Sorry for the delay).

There are two new projects that will be announced in the spring. I won’t jinx them, but they are pretty cool and some of you already know something about them. The rest of the year – I’m simply planning to catch up a few things that have been postponed for far too long. Some for many years. I’m set up to get them done. We shall see.

Lastly, I will try and be a better friend and companion. I do try, but life is busy and sometimes the ‘making a living’ stuff takes over and becomes all-encompassing.

This really is just a ramble, but I did want to say a huge Thank You to my friends who helped make this year the best it could be and tell you that I think that next year will be even better for us all.

Yep – I’m a dreamer!  Hope you are too 😉